essence of humans-short

In essence humans have no right and wrong no higher or lower; that is where a God comes in and then the government and even society, people are trained to think a certain way the thing is with tv and movies our thoughts are more of that nature and it seems to be self-destructive and egotistic. Modesty is not of us in general anyone who stands apart is mocked; all great societies got big, gluttony, and unfit in all different ways and fell from their own desires, it’s very concerning the way the country is heading even entertainment is supporting beliefs and that in my mind is not good because it is influencing without educating and that is wrong. Now I am not preaching but society cannot teach you a damn thing about right and wrong it is up to you and your emotions and your conviction I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again in words of bob Dylan “you got to serve somebody”.

the rock and the man

One does not become a rock through ease, but through adversity

One does become a rock through days, but through the ages

Time is not in the hours, but in the age upon the face

A rock does not sway, but stands its place

a rock stands for its purpose, even only in memory

a rock one may be, but it is only a small example of a man’s humanity  

million piece chess board

When I look at what has been, and what has become

When I look at my choices, and all I have done

When my convictions turned to strength, and my addictions turned to weakness

I see how strong fate really is, like a mathematical pattern forming throughout time

Will I change, from what I have become

Do I change, the man I seem to be

Like the flower that grows, it too has a shape to be

Yet any time the rabbit could meal, and the child could pick the orchid of the field

To deny fate and hide away from which is to come, thus destruction will be at hand  

So as we all figure through time, the end is meant to be

We are as a million piece chess board, figuring our away through eternity

good bye my love

Love’s gentle whim, within the grin upon your chin

an everlasting intoxication of sweet praise, entails within you name

it is missing within thy soul, and thy bones are even feeling its loss

sweet is the sunrise, captivating is the moonlight

 but thy heart is gone, I see it not

forever I long, forever you are gone

come unto me, when the dark arrives

come upon me, me the moon is high

I breathe knowing you breathe, I dream knowing you dream

Good bye my love, the poem is now ending

Maybe I’ll imagine you tomorrow, and write of the muse you have been

Once again, good bye my love  

The sounds of you

The sounds of you

Baby won’t you come over and listen to my stereo cause there ain’t no place to go and gas is so high and I’m so low; as the hi-fi plays and the records turns we can burn are cares to the radio waves going through our souls.

I want you in the morning and all through the night, I want you when I’m blue and when I am feeling right, if it all shall stop and come to an end I’ll still want you as a friend.

 Hold my arms and put your head upon my chest I’ll caress you with my words and let my eyes do the rest; we will hold each other till dawns early light and fight the fears of days that will come and days gone by.

the rise and setting sun


Of all the ladies I meet, I cannot find the reason why the sun rises and sets.


Mustn’t she be wise with a loving face and a kind heart?


Why that would be why the sun rises.


Would she have a strong hand and a gentle touch and a soft voice?


Why yes, that is why the sun would set.


Then I pray you find your love and if not than the solitude would not have been in vain.


Yes if not than I would have spent it well looking for the alpha of thy love and the omega of my sorrow.  

Hierarchy to life

Hierarchy to life

A man cannot live unto himself he must have  a guide someone that the man calls supreme; in fact most often it cannot be just one (but on levels others would apply), we have our country to the rule we abide if not we will find ourselves in tryst with law. In fact our school had taught us many things and those who did well and learned at the utmost degree obeyed the hierarchy of such but I will remark that those who not are at time looking for an alternative hierarchy to guide their unique personality. To borrow from an idea of Aristotle thought of matter and form The adult that we are is from the child and it from the baby and that from the embryo so just as a child has its mother so shall an adult have its leader/teacher; I am quite found of the passage in the bible that a man cannot serve two masters and to serve a man would be wrong to serve an idea would be romanticism but a concept of good and hope is something of greatness, This brings to mind a song I heard by Bob Dylan you got to serve somebody, there is an ultimatum of good and evil and basically that which is good is that which is humble, and that which is evil is that which is vain; when we serve ourselves we become volatile to the rest of humanity and ourselves that is why we must bow to the hierarchy as long as they bow unto us.       

bullied boy

When I was a young boy from as long as I was in school until I left when I was sixteen, I was bullied quite a lot, I had teachers join in where one had a student punch me every time I got a note wrong on my instrument the same teacher had me make believe playing an French horn in a parade (I played a baritone). I do not ever recall having close friends and I remember more sad parts about school than anything else; the hardest part was I did have a mental illness which made me at least seem different and my mind would work on a different level, and during this time school shootings were happening and I was seen as a possible candidate by others when truly I was an emotional boy who could not stand other’s pain basically I listened to the grateful dead and wrote poetry but when people reflect things onto other then they become seen as that too others as well and even our own personality can take it in, evil would be much less if we did not fear the different and strange and cast aspersions on them.

And as an adult I have to remember that evil takes a young mind in the smallest way and it grows by spreading unto victim and they would in turn sadly do unto others; it takes the audacity of hope to overcome the toxic nature of it and its will to spread itself. All I can do is forgive them; looking back that band teacher was in pain and in my reasoning she was sad and may have been ill minded, above all it is upon the aggressor that the hinders lye and I cannot feel strong emotions for an insufficiency of manner that is not my own.   

guiding reason

Let not your emotions guide you, for that would be like the blind leading the dog

Do not let reason fall unto the wayside, it will be a saving grace that helps you see

Let not the emotions be dry and fade, for you shall be but dead unto man

Immoralities are nothing but tools destructions, to man and nations alike

Darkness will corrupt all good thought and emotion, and is easy and free and taste sweet

And the light shall bring the righteousness of emotions, yet it takes discipline and humility

To be of good character is as being a mighty buck, the poachers of the world will try to shoot thee down

Do not weary from your faith and conviction, for a judge is within you and may take reign

And in those quite hours when thoughts prevail, and emotions are strong

may you be at peace with yourself, if not then pray you find the way to be at peace with oneself.  

heavens adore

When you die I will cease to live or if I am alive and you

no longer at my side it will kill all the good that dwells inside.


 The thoughts of these condemn my mind

 and can’t see the light that you are still here and so am I


Let us lay in the sun and love, for today is what we have

may we hold our bodies close in the winter’s storm

 so we warm our lives in the moment we have


Shall we make the most of the time that we have upon this earth

 and until one and not the other lie in heavens adore

 may I see things that are and not them which are false