Rhyme of never love

Rhyme of never love


It can never be you and me

Or any one for me

You are light and I am dark

We mingle for a short while

But never exist as one part

For the dusk and the dawn

Are not as long as the day you need

A woman is a beautiful word

That does not exist in my rhyme

Solitude does not frighten me

But you being so does

God did not create man to be alone

Then I am no man

A woman needs a man to love

Then again I am no man

Just a giving soul with gold

With no one to give too

Don’t pity me for I waste not and want not

I live I learn and I do love

But that I dare not share that love

So take care sweet one

For I care for you but can’t care with you



I have never loved so I have never have lost

The cost of this I feel every longing day

When I here a song of love and loss

I feel it thou I not know either of these

And that is an emotion that can’t be said to

The rhythm of music

I do want but dare not have

I lust for but not go for

If you love me then that I am sorry

Just as a leper I live alone and

Dare not have you near

Hear me as I say

I love thee but won’t have thee

I need thee but can’t possess thee

For talk we shall but to hold we shall not

For most see a leper and they

Dare not near I understand but

For those who don’t see please learn soon

I care for you but can’t care with you.


Shall I ever love with one

Shall I be the man God made

To be with a woman as he created so

Will there be a lady immune to this

And has the strength to be with

Will my rhyme change and your

Word be in sync with

Or shall I be the absolute lonely

What becomes of me if I do

For these rhymes I write some are fiction

This one is not

Easy we dream of love but dare not Dream with out

 for some we just

Live with and hope for and go for

And I try not

Will that change will day be forever and never night

No but maybe that

Light will be the same that is at night

So as I grow and know more of this  

                                           I might care for and care with you


The one that I came close to love

The one that I came close to love


Go out till the dawn my friend

 go out till the dawn reaches an end

I’ll be there waiting for you

until the dawn comes again


The feelings I had have run dried

I’m sure there’s still love inside

 just go out till the dawn my friend

 and we’ll meet again when that road comes to an end


There once a dream I had

 where the sun came up in an amber sky

and feelings grew and emotions came alive

 I realized that one day the dawn will arrive

A day which Is life

a day which is life

I crawl in morning sun which is so bright Seeing what I can do, lifting and turning as my days go by. And in the afternoon I find myself quite busy; less help than ever before yet I am close with another and she is so beautiful and to her I adore. And as the evening comes I start to hunch and third leg is by my side, I cannot hide that the early day has gone and I am but a rye at harvest time; ruminations of what the day has been and goes through out my mind and slowly I realize all the hours that passed by, And as the evening goes a knock upon the door and I go to dream a sweet dream forevermore.   

the son who wants to serve


You have not done your work and it has been lacking in some time, why do you not work the oxen like your brother or harvest the Roma’s like the help.


But father I want to eat good food and cook it, why won’t you let cook the food, I fear to offend but the meat is plain and I feel I can make it better.


Do you not like the sauce that the cook makes?


No father, she is a sweets and bread lady I give her that, and I love her so; I grew watching and envying what she does.


Won’t you miss the field, the sun, the sweat of a hard day’s work, should not food be enjoyed as the work in the field? Or are you trying to get out of the field and into the house?


No papa my passion is not in the tomatoes harvest, nor is it the farm I want to own.


You must inherit the farm it is your right, and you must work the field to know the work and to one day have a nice house and car and even a ring on your smallest finger if you’re feeling posh.


Father there is he who owns the farm and he who works the field, and a servant is a more blessed and wise man, please father.


Ok my son you shall work under she who cooks; then you shall cook and you will go to the finest culinary school and one day you shall cook for kings, it is your right.


Thank you my father and I will do as you phrase, thank you.

Personal Reality: 40% perception and 60% objection

Personal Reality: 40% perception and 60% objection

I find personal reality is 40% perception and 60% objection; this is due to how people perceive facts or that are supposed as fact and think is this rational? Does it line what with what I know? And most of all does it object to any of the thoughts or facts that I hold to be true. in this modern age of idealism and every person with an ”intellect” is on cable television telling you what is what is even comedian are stating opinions wrapped as jokes; so as we perceive these opinionated “facts” that is where we must object and say to ourselves “hey this does not line up, or seem rational” so it’s not a matter of accepting things for really what difference does it really make if you agree to a concept but when you object you falsify it in your mind and that is a greater act than to accept whatever may be said. If I believe in doing something than it must greatly mean that I object to the other possibilities: choose answer A, B, C, or D I must reject three and only choose one.

I will end with a personal philosophy of mine; when I was a child my mother would say “doesn’t make a hill of beans” which mean it’s irrelevant  and I find it best to believe in things that ultimately make up something, whether it’s my belief in god, or my dietary beliefs, to me if it makes a difference in who I am or the course of what I am involved in whatsoever it be, than it is good; and whether I don’t believe in something or give it much credit is what truly guides my decisions in whole.   

Code of conviction

Code of conviction

Matter in and of itself, is it what life is

Is there an epic or song, beyond the walls of physics

I can only have faith for heaven, yet I pray evil falls unto hell  

Would a God created the bad within, what lurks in the word and called sin

but he could create a tree, but what the carpenter does is not always unto him

I feel God does not judge like men, for than good and bad is subjective to him

But that is why we have laws, and it is up to man to guide himself

I pretend not to know what he may be, but I may act accordingly

For my thoughts and words are weak, vainglorious at times and even foul

yet thy actions are an epic of truth, of what and who I truly am

they are guided by what I hold dear, built by discipline thus guided by wisdom

for a man who lives not by any code, is not a man who can speak unto anyone