Paranoia and fear

Paranoia and fear

dealing with such a thing as paranoia-fear with no knowledge of danger-which is something that is altering our sense of reality is tricky. I have dwelt with paranoia my whole life and what I have always done was to prove such fear wrong.

I will start with reality, for what I believe it to be is a sense that can be acknowledged by knowledge-I think and what I know proves it to be. The main problem always being that both can be hindered, our sense can be differed by illness such as flu, psychiatric, and many more biological issues. And knowledge can differ from one man being taught of one thing and a man from another region of the world being taught of something opposite. But it is where building/strengthening and using our instincts and sense with our knowledge to see what is the most likely to be true and what is truly important in our lives.

The number one thing is to teach those with paranoia issues that are ongoing is to learn of knowledge and to build our most basic instincts. When I mention basic instincts I speak of psycho-analysis term of ero(love) and of destructive, now there must be a balance of these two things to be harmony. For destructive instinct (although I don’t like that term) you should incorporate physical activity till it is reached and then maintained so that we do not become savage like but appropriately aggressive, and for ero we must turn to music that is not destructive or to aggressive or even over sexual, from this we can build the ero and greatly our souls (this thought is not my genus but that of Plato). From that we can build a greater strength of ourselves, one thing is you want to keep a balance, too much knowledge can hinder our senses greatly thus making us insensitive and we lose our empathy. Also to lack in proper knowledge can make us ignorant but I would rather to love and to see the glory of a tree blowing in wind then to look at such and pass it by or to know any trivial science of it.


Of faith I know

No man can deny such a thing as faith for it is that we live by, what makes us think we will eat and from that we will live and that which we eat will not sicken us yet if foolishness presides than we may get ill. Do we not most or any nights lay to sleep and not even doubt we will wake, that so much will happen of good though we may never to deserve not such things. There have been times I lay my head and feel death to come to me at night and I have learned not to fear but to be thankful for that which I have begin giving pray over those I love and yet I wake in the morning and go about my day the best I see fit. You might say to me that be of illness in your head, but to think and appreciate death to be near and also to realize that it may be far away is why I now right of such things, read of philosophy and try to leave something behind although this may soon pass and go to life as many live day by day working for no great means. But I may have faith there to be something great for my name to leave, for I am not great and that cannot be said until my body rest and thy mind is blank and my soul is paid to thee.

Yet we take for granted the things given to us if we cannot understand something than is not to be of truth, how can a jester says what he says, is his arrogance so great that he thinks he knows of such things. And yet we spit and scorn at those who lend a hand and we take from them, be our country, brethren or our fellow man. Many who live abuse and yet they to live by faith hoping to get more while thinking they can do whatever they choose. My friend’s man will fail you as they do to me, and we may fail others in times we are weak, but we are also strong and there are those that will lend a hand and bring up those in true need for they may have faith, as for a boy to think his girl will never leave that is living by faith, and it is putting your faith in man. So what shall we put our faith into I suggest reading Plato and his beliefs of what should truly lead us, a great book to do so is the story of philosophy-by Will Durant.. Why does man leave faith to rest, my true belief is that from our knowledge we lose our sense and instincts which that is how we are truly made and what reality comes from is by sensing and then using knowledge to confirm it when one is to great then we lose our basic selves and thus faith. Think of the yin yang, to me it represents a balance of two things different and from it creating more harmony. Thank you all for reading.

Shattering of greece

I dreamed nights ago of a dream that lay heavy upon me. Lately I have been reading of Greek philosophy and one night as I lay in sleep I dream of looking around ancient Greece and these glass statues lay shattered on the ground and the mount of Olympus in the center was in ruin. Then a powerful intelligent man of the world came to me and said we can take a compound of the shattered glass and help pizza rise better and make bombs from it. and then as the workers toil away working on the glass there came before me children who ate the glass and their mouths where bleeding. And the rebuilding was complete I went upon the mount and it was an arcade of modern technology where I played a game of punching to receive a score and then there was a man a woman who the girl dressed in nice clothes to begin with end in bikini.

As the next day went on I came to realize that the glass was but the wisdom that an teach so much and how those of the world can use it for things good and evil, and it turned to hurt our children and we make the hierarchy (mount Olympus or center of our lives) of our lives technology and we thus we have become a more aggressive and sexual society