Amazing Grace Reprise

amazing grace when I’m down and out
amazing grace when I;m coming down
amazing grace when I can’t be found
amazing grace when my body hits the ground

10,000 tears that I have shed
10,000 more yet to come
grace that taught my soul to weep
and grace that will lead me home


a long fall

I’ll be you respite
I’ll be your shelter
from the winter storm
I’ll be your portion
and I’ll be your millstone
when the summer comes
so much pain
between these walls
to no reason to stall
good by one, good bye all
it’s been a short time
for such a long fall
I’ll be your water
to drown your fears
and bathe in moon light
and I’ll bathe with you
in the silk strands starlight
in the tapestry of night


Darkness new demo and final verse,

Morning light cast through the window shade
how I wish you were beside me to greet the new day

I just want to love you I just want you here with me
I just want to hold you and till the darkness go away

morning dew from a restless night rest upon pedals of new
as the orange sunrise in the east and a fleeting fuchsia in the west

blueish gray clouds and a steel blue sky
wait stoically for dawn to arrive

and I sit here with cheap coffee flavored with regret
smoking the last of my kush and cigarettes

I wish I could tell you what was wrong
I wish I could say more then this song

dreams in moonlight

I want to be a reason of your smile
to be a thought upon the precipice
of waking from the nocturnal desire
of dreams where I unknowingly held thee
the span of the encroaching winter’s rest
still upon the summer’s ending nights
in the cooling brisk of the evening’s air
manifests the dream presence of your body next to mine
it weaves a heavy subtle tapestry in the starlight
from silk spun by the dreams in moonlight
resting upon the restless thoughts of desire
as though of a flame that burns yet not consumes

And Believe

we must forgive our brother’s fumbles
we must accept our own stumbles
to allow lovers to distance
and enemies to draw nearer
to love without resistance
to be within this moment
to see through the fog of tomorrow
only to see the moment of today
and to feel past the pain;
and believe, to live again